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I have 2 server systems: remoteserver1 & remoteserver2. Remoteserver2 is protected from outside login so in order for me to access it, i have to ssh into remoteserver1 and then ssh into remoteserver2. I have ssh already setup to log into remoteserver1 and it works. it doesn't ask me for a password to login. However, once i get into remoteserver1, i ssh into remoteserver2 and it will ask me for a password. So, is there anyway that i can log into remoteserver2 from remoteserver1 without the need of giving the password? Both the servers share the same home directory, so the .ssh folder is the same.

Thank you in advance.

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Add the key file you use to get into the bastion host to the .ssh directory (id_rsa / id_dsa file).

I'd simply suggest creating a new pair specifically for the remoteserver1 => remoteserver2 pair. Look into ssh-keygen to create a pair for those hosts.

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worked! thank you – user126043 Jun 29 '12 at 14:21

Assuming they rely on the same key pair, you can forward the ssh-agent with the -A switch, i.e.:

ssh -tA remoteserver1 ssh remoteserver2

Also see here for some neat ProxyCommand tricks.

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Thank you for the command. the proxy command tricks however did not link. thank you – user126043 Jun 29 '12 at 14:21

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