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I need to do a simple rewrite, and can't find out how.

Rewrite ""index.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/"dumpidum" to ""index.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/set/4/type/simple/"dumpidum"

What I found out is:

rewrite /index\.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/(.*)$ /index.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/set/4/type/simple/$1;

But this isn't working as expected.

note: apache2 code would be:

Redirect 302 /index.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/key/

Does someone see what I'm doing wrong? I'm desperate to know.

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You asked for a rewrite, but your Apache example is a redirect. Unless you specify otherwise, nginx will do a rewrite on relative paths. You need to specify the redirect flag to the rewrite directive in order to send a redirect.

rewrite ^/index\.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/(.*)$ /index.php/administrator/catalog_product/new/set/4/type/simple/$1 redirect;
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