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I have an Apache server handling many VirtulServers and everything works fine. I don't know how it works internally but it does.

I recently tinkered a bit with nodejs, making experiments on this server, on the 8080 port. Now that I want to go on production, I have set up a domain name pointing to my server, but I want to avoid the ugly URL that I have at the moment. How could I tell Apache, which is listening on 80, to route traffic from to and vice-versa? I have tried ModRewrite but specifying the port and domain forces it to appear in the address bar of a browser, which is even uglier. I have tried ModProxy but to no success (500 error). What should I try next?

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Mod_proxy should works, here's a tuto of it :

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Oh man this is working, I am so happy. I had lost faith in all that. I was doing everything right but proxy_http was not loaded. 48hours of headache are now gone. 10000 thanks again – Cystack Jun 27 '12 at 13:36

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