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I have a Tmux session running locally, in one of the panes I ssh to another host, however once the remote machine is logged in, the cursor is overwriting the command prompt. I think this is happening because the prompt is different widths on the local and remote machine, e.g:




[foo@dev-host-app00 ~]$ 

So in the above example the cursor is flashing over the @ sign and overwriting past it as I type. It seems to think that the prompt with on the remote machine is same width as on the local machie. Can someone please point me at what I might need to do to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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I think I have found the answer thanks to a colleague. Posting here in case it helps someone else:

On the remote side, TERM was being set to 'TERM=screen-xterm256' which was not recognised on the remote side since this setting is specific to tmux.

Launching the pane as follows solved the issue:

TERM=xterm ssh user@remote
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