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I'm having this issue where when I try to use sudo to rcp some files from a Linux host to an HP-UX host (note that the destination directory requires root access to write to), I get the following error from HP-UX's side:

remshd: Login incorrect.

I should note that the passwords for the Linux host and the HP-UX host are different. The command doesn't seem to give me a chance to enter the proper HP-UX password and automatically defaults to this error.

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Is root login disabled? Can you login as root locally (i.e., as a login shell), or ssh from root to root? – Andrew M. Jun 28 '12 at 0:18
Please do not cross post. Server Fault is the correct place for this question. – Mark Henderson Jun 28 '12 at 3:27

The rcp man page says

Rcp does not prompt for passwords; it uses Kerberos authentication ...

You'll probably find it easier to use scp to do this. If you allow root logins via ssh on ypor HPUX system then

scp -r /local/path root@hpux.tld:/remote/path

should do the trick. If you don't allow root logins then login to the HPUX host and obtain a root shell then

scp -r user@linux.tld:/remote/path /local/path 
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