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I have a question about first time slow on IIS7.5+ASP.NET model.

Under my website, a asmx file works for synchronize data between server and a client machine. Now I found if a client machine doesn't do any action with server for a long time such like 1 hour or more, then at the first time synchronizing, data will lost. After the first time, everything seems fine.

I did some researches on this issue and I think it is the problem relates to IIS First Time Slow, followed some suggestions and tried to put

< generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/ > 

under Framework Aspnet.config file but it doesn't really help. Also I tried to disable IdleTime runout but not really help.

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What do your app pool recycling settings look like? – Shane Madden Jun 28 '12 at 2:43

You should try to pre-compile your application. Use the compilation tool

Everytime IIS recycles the app-pool, it has to compile your web project / web service again on the next hit, which takes some time. You can find more information here:

Also, make sure you have disable debug mode on your production web.config

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