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I have a website '', with the subdomain ''. However, my clients are accessing the subdomain like this: ''. Why this was an issue was 'www.sub' was redirecting to my main site, not my sub site.

My question is, how can I find out my dns records if my server is not the nameserver?

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actually i think there are two separate things:

  • dns records - those you need to check with your dns hoster [ just run dns query for and see where do the name servers ; who do you pay for dns? that's the entity you should talk with. you can also get some hints by using to lookup ]. it's very possible that there's wildcard configuration and points to the same server.
  • web server vhosts configuration - you need to inspect what domain names are handle / served
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Thanks. I'll have to check my dns server. – Michael Ozeryansky Jun 28 '12 at 6:33

Ask the people who run your DNS for you. Most companies that do this have a web interface where they will list all the records and allow you to change them.

You will probably find that you have a wildcard set up, so that a lookup for any subdomain will end up with the IP address of your server.

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