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I'm writing a disaster recovery protocol at work - a protocol that describes how to create a SQL Server instance from scratch in case that the PROD server will be unavailable.

We have SQL Server 2008 Enterprise.

We have a valid backup procedure but I want to have a document that will describes all the steps.

Do you know/encountered a link/s that specifies all the necessary steps to create a duplicate SQL Server based on an old server?

I need that it will be identical in all its components of the instance (I'm not talking about the installation of the Server / cluster) I'm talking about components such as:

  • Database
  • Jobs
  • Server configuration attributes (sp_configure)
  • Security objects - Logins, Users, Permissions, Credentials and Audit configuration
  • Other objects such as Linked servers, Mail profiles
  • Replication information

The reason I'm looking for such thing is because:

  1. I don't want to start with nothing. I guess that the basics are written somewhere online.
  2. It's a good way to verify that I haven't forgotten anything.

An example for a nice post I've found regarding Logins, Users and permissions:

Thanks in advance,


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Most of those items, assuming they are static, you can script them out from SQL Management Studio. Easy enough to test as well. Setup an instance on a test server, run your SQL install and run the scripts that you created.

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