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I know this questions has been beat to death, but I've read almost all the responses and it hasn't solved my issue. I installed APC (no noted errors), I told PHP.ini to enable it and I made sure I am running PHP in FastCGI with SuExec turned off.

Still I have no go.

PHP / suEXEC Configuration

  • Default PHP Version (.php files) 5
  • PHP 5 Handler fcgi
  • PHP 4 Handler none
  • Apache suEXEC off
  • Apache Ruid2 off

php.ini Configuration

Alternative PHP Cache apc.enabled
Alternative PHP Cache apc.shm_segments
Alternative PHP Cache apc.shm_size

When I run the APC.php file I get this message:

No cache info available. APC does not appear to be running.

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I ended up finding the answer after much more searching. The problem exists when the file does not exist in the module_dir specified in the PHP.ini file.

Long story short, you can either change the directory or just move the file from it's directory to the one specified in PHP.ini file.

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