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Is there any free tools out there that can help to better document at datacenter, for information like servers in a rack, the group port it is connected to and etc?

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Check out RackTables:

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We're using MediaWiki [1] in our company, works really well for internal documentation. Powers wikipedia as well.

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Wiki is a good idea. But for documentation there are better wiki's. The major issue I've always run into when trying to use MediaWiki for this type of thing is the lack of ACL's. Making it difficult to restrict access to sensitive documents. Even Media Wiki's page basically says that access control is not part of their core features and never will be. There are some plugins that add some of this. But look at the warning at the top of this page.… – 3dinfluence Jul 14 '09 at 12:54

You can use nVentory - Ruby on Rails Datacenter Inventory Manager.


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You can also look at It's a network and DC-aware inventory tool for servers, racks and peripherals.

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If it's a Windows environment, configuration documentation can be produced automatically and nicely formatted by SYDI -

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Rackmonkey does the basic rack-part ok. (unless you have blades)

If you want to document more you could use GLPI: which has a rack plugin. You can document servers, switches and devices without the plugin.

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