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It seems there's no Exchange 2010 with SP2 integrated available on MSDN so I thought I would just download Exchange 2010 with SP1 and do schema in Active Directory and then before even installing Exchange I would update it again to SP2. I think this should work but maybe someone already done it before and knows if there's any issues that may come up because of this? Or should I go the long way and expand schema to SP1, install Exchange on 4 servers and then do the expanding to SP2?

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Use this Package: This is the full package (integrated SP2), as per the "Additional Info":

This Exchange Server 2010 SP2 software may be used to perform a new installation or to update an existing Exchange Server 2010 installation to Service Pack 2 (SP2) level.

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Exchange 2010 service packs are actually full installers, you can download Exchange 2010 SP2 and install it on new servers; the ISO images on MSDN are there only for convenience, but are functionally equivalent to the standard service pack download.

Just download Exchange 2010 SP2 from here and run the installer from it; it will be much more quick and clean than installing SP1 and then updating to SP2.

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You're saying that 4.6gb .iso is equivalent to 500mb sp2? :-) – MadBoy Jun 29 '12 at 12:53
Yes, it is, minus the UM language packs which are packaged in the ISO images but not in the SP download. They can be downloaded separately, if you need them. – Massimo Jun 29 '12 at 12:56
You learn something new every day. I will accept Michel answer at it seems his was first. – MadBoy Jun 29 '12 at 12:58

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