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I'm trying to use Powershell to remove certain full access permissions on an account as part of a disable user process.

I need to remove all full access permissions on the account except for:

NT AUTHORITY\SELF and DOMAIN\svcEnterpriseVault

How can I go about doing this using the Remove-MailboxPermission cmdlet?


Edit: I've gotten a little further with the command below, but I am having trouble passing the list of full-access users to the Remove-MailboxPermission cmdlet.

Get-MailboxPermission -Identity $TheUser | Select User | where {($_.User -notlike
 "NT AUTHORITY\SELF") -and ($_.User -notlike "DOMAIN\svcEnterpriseVault")} | Remove-MailboxPermission -Identity $TheUser -User [ALL THE USERS FROM THE GET-MAILBOX COMMAND]
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Can you just do this? I removed the "Select User" since that is for display purposes only and used no parameters on "Remove-MailboxPermision" since it accepts input. Haven't tested though.

Get-MailboxPermission -Identity $TheUser | where {($_.User -notlike
"NT AUTHORITY\SELF") -and ($_.User -notlike "DOMAIN\svcEnterpriseVault")} | 
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Thank you, that worked. –  chris Jul 2 '12 at 20:25

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