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I want to installing two or more qmail on same linux server.Is this possible? If it's possible how can I do that?

Actually I want to send mails from the different domain names and different IP addresses.For instance; > > >

If it's not possible, what's your recommendation?


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It is quite possible, although pointless. QMail can handle different domains just fine. (see ) Nevertheless, if you definitely want multiple instances I would suggest to chroot them. (And provide different /etc/hosts to them!)

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If your only requirement is for each domain to use a different IP to send emails there is no need to install different instances of QMail.

I would highly recommend to use JMS's combined patch that has this functionality as well as a number of other enhancements.

Once you have that the functionality controled is by the control/senderip file in the form


Any mail sent from an email address from that particular domain will be sent from the given IP address.

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