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I'm playing around with SQL Server Agent alerts, hoping that I can get some reliable error notifications sent out when our transactional replication breaks. To test it however, I need to break it. I have a subscription that's safe to break, but I don't want to have to spend hours reinitializing and delivering snapshots afterward. Is there an easy, reversible way to break replication?

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Since the SQL agent jobs that perform replication cannot connect to a database in single-user mode, this has the simultaneous result of stopping replication, and disallowing client connections.

Ergo, replication is broken but it can be resumed without re-initializing (the LSN is still good)

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What about testing it to perfection in a VM environment and then duplicating it to the real servers. A VM can easily be rolled back to a previous state so you can always start over again.

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Effort. In our case it's fine to break replication in production for a minute or two, and far less of a cost than duplicating our environment. I sure wish we had replication in our test environment, though... – Stuart Branham Jul 6 '12 at 20:00

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