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I'm after a quick guide as to the best way of creating a custom admin type Taskpad for an SBS2011 setup. I have a user who needs to be able to just do some basic user admin ie create a new user, delete a user, reset a password and I don't want to give him access to the SBS 2011 server.

All desktops on the network are Win7 Pro so I'm guessing RSAT needs to be installed onto the desktop first?

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I have no idea what Taskpad means, but to do this:

  • Go into Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Create a group and put the user that you want to give control to into that group.
  • Right click on the OU that contains the objects that you would like to delegate permissions for and click "Delegate Permission"
  • Follow the wizard to grant permissions to the group that you just made.

Then, just install RSAT on the workstation that the user will use to complete these tasks.

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