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I have ISpConfig 3. I have an ip address "". I want to configure this to point to

I have created DNS record and configured "". and domain name

Problem is that is accessible through only or through only. i want that it should also be accessible through

Someone told me that i should have to create CNAME and A record for this domain. i have following Zone Record Configurations but this is not working. Please help me what i am doing wrong and what exactly should be CNAME and A configuration to work it with


In adding DNS zone. i just added with IP so is not normal subdomain

enter image description here

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You forgot the ending dot (.). All FCDNs have to end with one, so also your MX should be:

// Edit: Forgot to mention. If you'd like to use it as a normal subdomain, you'd go good with creating it as a normal domain (like you added

That's something I'm not that happy with how ISPConfig solves it...

So in general, your DNS should look something like:

  1. A
  2. A www
  3. MX
  4. NS
  5. NS

(that would be for the "root" domain).

Now you would just have to add:

  1. A my
  2. A

If you'd like to point to another domain, than CNAME would be the right choice, for example:


Not sure if I understood the question correct, but this my help!

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this did not worked. i dnt know what i am missing – Asghar Jul 2 '12 at 9:48
So how did you add the domain With the DNS wizard or by hand? After that, did you add my as a subdomain? Or you did only add the DNS? And do you wan't it to behave like a subdomain or just a "pointer"? – MaddinXx Jul 2 '12 at 10:58

You can just a add a CNAME. A CNAME points to another DNS name.

So you can add:


So now points to who points to x.x.x.x must exist and point to either an A record or another CNAME.

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