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I'm using WKHTMLTOPDF on a 64-bit Linux server and I'm running into problems with the version.

Seen here:

There's slim pickins when it comes to pre-compiled binaries. I started with version 0.9.9 which has a few bugs. I upgraded to 0.11.0 RC 1 to find a slew of new problems, namely the following:

I think 0.10 RC 2 would work, and the thread above suggests compiling from the source has a fix for the error I'm getting, but I don't know how to do that.

Can anyone explain how I can create a static binary myself, or would anyone be willing to create and post one for the countless people waiting for this fix?

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This is a pre-compiled static binary for 64-bit 0.10 RC 2:

Here's a list of all the binaries you can have (note that this one is put down as Deprecated, but I used it for a previous project for very similar reasons, and it worked perfectly).

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Ho damn, I just needed to change the dropdown! Thank you thank you. – Chords Jun 30 '12 at 23:54

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