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I'd like to have a very rough estimate of cirtain server load on the net. Are there any tools or services that investigate internet somehow?


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Do you own/manage the server ? –  Iain Jul 1 '12 at 12:36

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Not really

I assume you mean a server that isn't in your control - otherwise you would have the information readily available via access logs, network throughput, established connections etc.

Which means you're likely trying to estimate the traffic/requirements for a competitors website/server.

The answer is not really. There are services like Alexa - but the data can be horribly inaccurate and is usually only accurate for certain segments (eg. technical websites, where a large proportion of users have the respective toolbar/plugin installed.

The only way you'll get a definitive answer is to contact the system administrator in control of the machine. Anything else would be pure guesswork/speculation.

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