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I want to monitor special path to any event of create or modified files recursively in it via inotifywait but I don't know what's my problem is.

I have some folders that I want to exclude.

    ->  folder1
        -> file1
        -> ingnorefile1 [IGNORE]
    ->  ignorefolder1 [IGNORE]

How do I correctly exclude them using a regular expression?

inotifywait -mr --exclude '(ignorefolder1|folder1\/ingnorefile1)' -e modify -e create -e delete . | while read date time dir file; do

What is correct regular expression to use to accomplish my goal?

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Correct regexp: (ignorefolder1|folder1/ingnorefile1). But your expression works too.

Using a backslash to escape a non-metacharacter is an error. "/" is not a metacharacter and does not need to be escaped.

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when i create some files in ignorefolder1 event send. – sweb Jul 1 '12 at 19:22
when i create some files in ignorefolder1 event not send. i run inotifywait -mr --exclude '(ignorefolder1|folder1/ingnorefile1)' -e modify -e create -e delete . and echo foo > ignorefolder1/bar – jnizjo Jul 1 '12 at 23:25

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