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I would like this script that I wrote to send an email of its output as well as display the out put in the console. I have written this but it doesnt seem work as expected.

How can I make this email?

$serverlist = Get-Content -Path c:\Users\jasonbe\Serverlist.txt
$Path = "\z$\Backups\daily\Daily_Year2012Month7Day1.bkf"

$smtp = "mailserverhost" 
$to = "" 
$from = "" 
$sub = "Server Status" 
$body = @"

foreach ($server in $serverlist) 
{if ((Test-Path "\\$server\$Path") -eq $False)
    {write-host -ForegroundColor Red "$server needs backup"}
elseif ((Test-Path "\\$Server\$Path") -eq $True)
{write-host -ForegroundColor blue "$server has backup"}}

send-MailMessage -SmtpServer $smtp -To $to -Subject $sub -Body $body  -From $from
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Perhaps you could say exactly how it doesn't work as expected, and what you have tried already. – Dominic Cronin Jul 2 '12 at 13:55
Why don't you just write the results of each test using both write-host ... and to the $body variable, then just e-mail out? – Chris S Jul 2 '12 at 17:00
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Fixed multiple errors in the script to get a working one:

$serverlist = Get-Content -Path c:\Users\jasonbe\Serverlist.txt
$bkf = "Daily_Year$(date -F yyyy)Month$(date -F MM)Day$(date -F dd).bkf" <# Added dynamic date variable so it doesn't have to be updated manually each time #>
$Path = "z$\Backups\daily\$bkf" <# removed beginning '\' since it will screw up the Test-Path check below #>

[array]$array = $null <# declare a null array that we add data to later (also resets the variable to null if running multiple times) #>

foreach ($server in $serverlist) {
    if ((Test-Path \\$server\$Path) -eq $False) { <# no need to quote the path #>
        write-host -ForegroundColor Red "$server needs backup"
        $array += "$server needs backup" <# added update to $array variable #>
    else { <#if ((Test-Path "\\$($Server)\$Path") -eq $True)#> <# no need to check for this since it must be True at this point in the script #>
        write-host -ForegroundColor blue "$server has backup"
        $array += "$server has backup" <# added update to $array variable #>
$EmailBody = ForEach ($row in $array) {"`r`n",$row} <# puts each addition to the $body variable on its own line in the e-mail, otherwise they will all run together.#>
$messageParameters = @{ <# put all e-mail variables in another variable to simplify send-MailMessage command #>
SmtpServer = "mailserverhost" 
To = "" 
From = "" 
Subject = "Server Status"
Body = "$($Emailbody)"

send-MailMessage @messageParameters
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Thank you! This is legendary :) I have learned a lot from studying your script. – Jake Jul 16 '12 at 6:37

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