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I'm not quite sure, if it is possible to change the default mail-server aliases for Incoming/Outgoing mail on Plesk 10.4 ?

By default, Plesk Panel uses imap.domain.tld / pop.domain.tld and smtp.domain.tld since Plesk 7+.

It seems not to be possible to setup changes in the panel.

I've successfully completed several migrations for some old hosts from Plesk 7 to 10.4, but some customers don't want to edit their Outlook preferences (they still use mail.domain.tld) ...


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This is a guess, the documentation doesn't really cover this in much detail. It looks like there is a DNS template that gets applied to all tenants. It seems like you would want to update the template and/or create a new one that uses the DNS names you want when a tenant is created.

Regardless the imap.domain.tld/pop/smtp format has become pretty standard these days and makes things a lot cleaner, especially if you ever end up using multiple boxes to handle each function.

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DNS template would impact all customers on the server. If one or few customers needs additional aliasing, their individual DNS zone could be edited. – Sergey L Jul 3 '12 at 20:18

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