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Salvete! I have two servers, one hosts my email server (hMailServer on windows server 2003) and the other hosts active directory (on windows server 2008). I don't have Microsoft Exchange.

In Active directory, there are user groups that have email addresses.

How can I send an email to a user group?

Somewhere I need to be able to connect my mail server to active directory. Maybe AD has a mail pickup folder? I can't find the information that I need.

Here is a similar link, but it didn't help me. Send As Distribution Group Email Address?

(I think a tag for hMailServer would be a good idea.) Thanks for y'all's help.

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You would have to find out if hMailServer supports reading AD for distribution groups. This is typically not a function of AD but rather of the mail server itself.

If it doesn't take a look at Windows Small Business Server, it might limit you in other ways but you do get a copy of MS Exchange which can certainly do this for you.

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A quick search through the hMail documentation doesn't seem to indicate that it supports AD or LDAP. This was only a quick look and a call to their support would be required to be sure. If it does not support reading from AD/LDAP, you will need to maintain two separate directories – Rex Jul 2 '12 at 19:28
My questiion didn't necessitate that the business had to be done with hMailServer. I am using hMailServer, but it allows scripting via VBS - and so there may yet be a way to accomplish it. – bgmCoder Aug 13 '12 at 1:45

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