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I have setup a new mysql database with my webhosting provider and the hostname is not the default localhost it is localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock

I think this is becuase they are moving from mysql 4 to mysql 5

My question is how do I use mysqldump to create a backup file of this database, what ever I try gives me wrong username or can not connect errors?

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What you are referring to is called a UNIX domain socket.

A socket is an alternative communication method to TCP/IP.

You can point mysqldump to it with the following flag:


Additionally you should update the socket location in your MySQL configuration - my.cnf.

Sockets are preferred over TCP/IP for local connections.

So if my.cnf is correct, then you shouldn't need to specify the location in the mysqldump command, or for other applications that utilise the MySQL configuration.

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Thank you thats just what I needed. – Simon Foster Jul 14 '09 at 12:25

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