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How do I install Wireshark in Red Hat Linux?

At the Wireshark download page, am I supposed to download "Standard package" for Red Hat under "Third-Party Package"? Does the Red Hat version have a GUI?

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You can use the yum command to install wireshark on RHEL

yum install wireshark


yum install wireshark-gnome

This is probably the best way to install the products as it will install the relevant dependencies at the same time.

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... and +1 to you, as so many times before. :-) – Janne Pikkarainen Jul 3 '12 at 10:07
+1 for noting there are two packages needed for the full UI – pedorro Oct 22 '14 at 19:01

You could download the Sourcecode from Then you unzip the sourcecode

bunzip2 wireshark-1.8.0.tar.bz2

Then untar the file

tar -xvf wireshark-1.8.0

Then change directory into the wireshark-directory and do the usual steps for installing from source:

make install

or you can use the yum-way described in the comment above. Actually that might work better because there might be dependencies.

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Aieee! Do not tell a Linux newbie to compile programs from source code. That's unnecessary almost 100% of the time, scares the newbies away and defeats the purpose of package managers. Anyway, the package managers & software repositories are one very big thing Linux/BSD excels at! All this said, I'll have to -1 you. – Janne Pikkarainen Jul 3 '12 at 10:06
ok, thanks for the advice. you are absolutely right. – Cornelius Jul 3 '12 at 10:49
I don't agree, especially with the down voting. Let the new user decide what is more appealing to him. Where would you be today if you were using just software repositories ? :) – golja Jul 3 '12 at 12:22
This implies you are running make as root. Please don't do this! You can ./configure & make unprivileged and then sudo make install. – Aaron Copley Jun 3 '13 at 18:52

Just add this Fedora RHEL compatible repository (find it here: ) with: rpm -Uvh "http://URL/" And then: made a classic Yum install as mentioned upper.

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Wireshark isn't provided by EPEL, it is in the base repository. – Aaron Copley Jun 3 '13 at 18:54
Not quite true, starting from DEVOS EPEL repos you've got access to wireshark 1.8 ;-) – Dr I Jun 4 '13 at 8:02
What is DEVOS EPEL? (A Google search was not productive. This is all I found.) – Aaron Copley Jun 4 '13 at 15:03

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