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Suppose that I am sharing a public ip 56.162.XXX.XXX with some other users. Now I have a local ip that I see if I type ipconfig in the command prompt. That is Now I have a program running on port 3630 listening to any incoming connection. I can call myself with the help of loop back ip ie. telnet 3630, and i see that two programs are getting connected and can exchange data. I can also telnet and get connected with my laptop from another laptop which is sharing same public ip as mine by the command telnet 3630. But how should I do the same from a remote computer? I mean a computer which has a different public ip.
Actually I want something like "telnet public ip(local ip) port no". The other computer is also sharing a public ip with some other users.

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What kind of device is firewalling you from the subnet – Mike Pennington Jul 3 '12 at 10:12

The way you should do it is to create a port forward in your router/firewall, to forward connections on port 3630 to your local IP (which you make static). Then you can telnet <public ip> 3630 and get access to the computer on the LAN subnet.

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