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Every time I open a project workspace vc++ crashes with an exception code of c000005.

I've done numerous installs of visual studio 6 on win7 and do not seem to have this issue there. This is the first time i've tried on Server2008R2.

Installation was done with UAC off. VC++ is set to run as admin with compatibility of XP SP3.

I patched up through SP6 for visual studio 6. The problem remains after the patch.

Additionally, I set the \Users group to have full control since I discovered that c000005 was a memory violation and I thought the issue may be security access related. No changes.

What is going on here?

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The C/C++ component of Visual Studio 6 is not supported on anything later than XP. Contrary to what you say, it will not install properly on Win 7. Microsoft have hard coded the installation failure into the OS. – John Gardeniers Dec 6 '12 at 11:39
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Well, I ended up taking my solution to a xp virtual machine and converting the project up to 2003, then to 2010.

I then went to my production server and installed vc++ 2010 express and brought over my upgraded solution and now all is well.

It's still odd that vb6 ide works fine on win7/server08r2 but vc++6 does not. Possibly again if I face the same issue and can afford to spend time digging into it I may find the actual fix to make the IDE work on the new server OS.

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