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I know this is old question, but I cant find anything on google. Is there any good software for centrally scripting telnet and ssh? Basically the following components: Telnet/SSH client, GUI, Server & Switch detection and support, pre-defined script templates, error reporting, logging, authenticating, and it's universal and not product specific. ps. It's not product discussion, but a tool / solution question.

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If I understand the question properly, Expect is the answer. You can even see some telnet and ssh examples on its Wikipedia page.

Here is for example a simple Expect script that prints the environment variables on a remote server:

#! /usr/bin/expect

spawn telnet

# Send username
expect -nocase "login:"
send  "myuser\r"

# Send password
expect -nocase "password: "
send "123456\r"

# Wait for a shell prompt
expect -re {\$}

# Get the environment variables
send "env\r"

# Wait for a prompt again and exit
expect -re {\$}
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Many thanks, so I do server-side expect CGI, and the desktop/mobile client, so I can click buttons, this should be OK so I can run two clients no problem in two different rooms. – Andrew Smith Jul 4 '12 at 11:18

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