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I wonder if someone can quickly help me.

I have the following for LVS.

rr persistent 3600

I need to drop a server out for maintenance. I have already dropped the weight to 0. Its taking forever for the ActiveConn to drop to 0.

I would like to ask, after dropping the weight, is there a way to force or politely get the maintenance server out (I.e. clear the persistence table).

Googling shows

If I read correctly I need to /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/expire_nodest_conn to 1. But Im not sure if its correct.

Thanks Brent

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It'll take forever (possibly literally) for the active connections to drop to 0, because every time a client makes a request, it'll reset the timer that expires persistence entries. The only way to get a realserver to drop out of persistence is to remove it from the load balancing group entirely; that'll cause all the entries for that real server to be distributed elsewhere. Yet another demonstration of why you shouldn't use session affinity.

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The easiest way to fail over to another node is to take out the failed real-server completely. That will cause clients in the persistent list for the failed node to change to another node.

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