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Good day,

I am having problems manually extracting domains from Plesk 9.5 backup that was FTPed onto my back up server. I have followed the article http://kb.parallels.com/en/1757 using method 2. The problem is here:


My backup file CP_1204131759.tar is a tar archive and zcat does not work with it. So I proceed to run the command: cat CP_1204131759.tar > CP_1204131759.

But when I try # cat CP_1204131759 | munpack
I get an error that munpack did not find anything to read from standard input.

I went on to extract the tar backup file using the xvf flags and got a lot of files (20) similar to these ones: CP_sapp-distrib.7686-0_1204131759.tgz CP_sapp-distrib.7686-35_1204131759.tgz CP_sapp-distrib.7686-6_1204131759.tgz

How best can I extract the httpdocs of a domain from this server wide Plesk 9.5.4 backup?

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I ended up doing basic archive extraction and was able to retrieve the webfiles. So the method described here works but its simpler just to do # tar -xvf CP_1204131759.tar and extract the backup files.

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