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I am looking for a way to intercept a Postscript file sent to a printer and run it through a script that will modify the MediaPosition commands to the ones appropriate for my printer, before sending it on to the printer in question.


I am trying to fix a problem I have with the antiquated software one of our customers insists we run to interface with their systems. The printer requirements as specified to me were "A Postscript-capable printer" which my Canon Imagerunner 6065i does conform to. However, the software has a limited number of tray options, which are specified using the MediaPosition command in the postscript file itself, in order to choose the tray with the approporate pre-printed form in it.

After a lot of attempted wrangling with the customer's support department it turns out that none of printer tray selections are appropriate for this printer as they all choose MediaPosition 1, which is the Manual Feed Tray on the printer.

It appears the software in question is using a windows printer driver on their server to talk to my printer directly via TCP/IP. I assume that the postscript itself is being generated by the programme, and from an erroneous print job I have spotted, it looked pretty clean.

I'm happy to stick a Linux box in the middle of the communications flow, though I also have Windows servers available.

Any ideas on the best way of going about this?

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