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I am setting up a environment, where not all users should have access to all functions.

Basically, I want some users to only have these functions:

  • Personal mail folders
  • Personal Contacts
  • Personal Calendar
  • Outlook Web Access

Which means disabling all of these functions:

  • Shared mail folders
  • Public folders
  • Shared contacts
  • Shared calendar
  • Shared tasks
  • Mobile Notification, Browse, Synchronization

Is there any powershell script that I can run for each user, or a step by step guide to it?

I have been googling for a while, but I really can't find anybody why had the same issue.

I am running Exchange 2010 SP2

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I think that you can regulate most of those things by correct use of sharing policies.

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Can you get more in depth with this? – Frederik Nielsen Jul 24 '12 at 14:06

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