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I utilize TCP wrappers to secure services running on my machine. Things like webmail, cpanel, whostmgrd, and so on. I use the hosts.allow/hosts.deny files to facilitate this.

Is it possible for an intruder to bypass tcp_wrappers in order to gain access to my services?

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There wouldn't be much value to it if it could be bypassed, now, would it?

There are a number of scenarios in which TCP wrappers might be made ineffective, though. Misconfiguration is almost certainly the most likely -- a mistaken netmask, misspelling of a service name, and so on. You might also be running a service which doesn't support TCP wrappers, which is more common than you might think, and not realise it (configure it in hosts.deny, but nothing ever happens). Then there's bugs, which these days I'd consider "unlikely", but you should never discount them completely.

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