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I've dedicated box that hosts wordpress blog with huge traffic.

I need mail functionality for me and 2 other employees. I also need mail send capability for fail2ban and logwatch applications.

I don't want to stress this box too much, so I wonder:

  1. How scure can postfix be?
  2. Will I stress server beyond needed with antivirus and mail filters? and postfix?

Server is with 2gb ram, e5600 nothing fancy a simple pc.

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Postfix is as secure as it needs to be. Wordpress is several orders of magnitude less secure. It's impossible to say whether you'll "stress" the server too much, because we don't know how much load your mail will put it under. Typically, delivering mail is very lightweight compared to running a web application.

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If you're using a good caching system for the blog, I think you'll be ok... Any reason not using free version of Google Apps for your main email system? The last time I set up an email server was the day before I discovered Google Apps...

... In other words, Email will not be what sinks your server

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