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In preparation for a lengthy business trip, I set up my router such that I can access my home computer over the internet via port forwarding over SSH. One thing I neglected to do was setup access to my router remotely. Normally, I can just access the router configuration page via

I know that it's possible to tunnel traffic through SSH, but how do I access an IP address as if I were on my home network using SSH?

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If you're already away from home and didn't enable the port mapping to the SSH port, you may not have any recourse.

If you do have SSH access to your system, you can establish an SSH tunnel through your exposed host to access some local resources.

For example, if your router's configuration page is: and you're connecting from a Unix-like host (you didn't specify the operating systems involved):

sudo ssh -L 80: username@external_IP

Where external_IP is the internet-facing IP address of your home computer/router and username is the user name on that system. If the connection is successful, you'll be able to point your mobile system to to access the router page.

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Just use ssh port forwards. If is the p of your router, then:

$ ssh user@ -L8888:

After connecting, enter http://localhost:8888 in your browser, and you should see your router's login page.

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