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I've already setup SSH usage in PHP and most of the things work.

Now what I want to do is that I'm looking to edit a line in a file and replace it back. It works directly on the server but can't seem to get it working with PHP files. Here is what I'm trying.

$new_line1 = 'Line $I want to add - The $I has to go into the file as it is';
$new_line2 = 'Ending $text of the line - $text again goes into file;
$query = "Addition to line";
$exec1= 'cd /root; perl -pe "s/.*/' ;
$exec2=  '/ if $. == 37" >';
$edit="cd /root/mp; cp";
echo $ssh->exec($new);
echo $ssh->exec($edit);

Now the thing is that running the perl command directly in SSH works without any errors but when I run this through PHP I get the error: Substitution replacement not terminated at -e line 1. I want to know why would it work this way and not that?

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You might want to review your previously asked questions, and accept some damn answers. You have a 0% accept rate, which indicates to us that we're unlikely to get the accepted answer reputation points by answering a question for you, as a result, we're unlikely to answer any further questions. – Tom O'Connor Jul 9 '12 at 10:01
I've thanked people before in my questions whenever their knowledge has helped me. EDIT : Oh well I'm sorry - I didn't notice their was an accept button as well. I'll do that – Asad Moeen Jul 9 '12 at 13:44
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Oh this looks like a security and reliability disaster waiting to happen.

Short answer: there is an opening quote in $exec1 but I can't find the matching closing quote.

More generally, if anyone manages to sneak a quote into line1 or line2, this is going to go wrong. This basically provides a web interface for anyone with access to it to run arbitary code on your computer ...

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The matching code I actually put into $exec2. This was actually a single line command but I had to split it up because some $cmds had to go exactly and some needed values parsed. – Asad Moeen Jul 9 '12 at 9:14

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