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i'm using Debian Squeeze.

I just wondered if there is a simple console (maybe curses) based user-management-tool for Debian?

I'm not looking for something bloated like YAST, but for somthing simple like there is with sysv-rc-conf for runlevel editing.

I know there is WebMin, which can do this and much much more... But it doesn't feel good for me to expose the whole Linux-System to the internet.

Is there something like a console-based WebMin?


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adduser runs fine in a console.

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yeah, i know... i was looking for something more comfortable... maybe something that lists me all users on a system, lets me edit them in a comfortable way etc... without having to type less/etc/passwd, addgrp passwd and so on every time :) Like i mentioned with the example of runlevels: I could manage runlevels by making symlinks under /etc/init.d/... as well. But its more comfortable with sysv-rc-conf. Get what i mean? – crushervx Jul 10 '12 at 10:33
@crushervx If you're the admin for a Linux server, you might as well stop fighting against the well established, well documented, and widely used native tools. – EEAA Jul 10 '12 at 13:00

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