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Is there a way to rename the email adress of to some other (e.g. I need that the sender of the "Non delivery report" has other email adress than

The change in /etc/postfix/ of empty_address_recipient = MAILER-DAEMON does not seem to be a working solution.

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As mandated by RFC5321 Section 4.5.5, DSNs MUST be sent with a NULL Return-Path (or MAIL FROM) sender.

The From: header is set by the receiving MTA, based on the NULL sender address.

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Thanks for reply, now I understand why my solution does not work. Anyway, What I would like to do is to rename the mailer-daemon on our own domain so that our email-accounts get the non-delivery report from another address than – jan2jen Jul 22 '12 at 13:36

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