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I am using pnp4nagios along with the nagios.

Everything seems to be integrated properly - I have "extra action" icons close to every host and service which links to pnp4nagios graph.

However, when I am going to the https://x.x.x.x/pnp4nagios/ it always change the url to the:


How Can I turn off this behaviour?

I would like to see on /pnp4nagios/ collected graphs from all servers.

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pages and/or Special templates is what you're looking for.

But I think you probably only want to collect all the graphs of ONE service for all servers, e.g. CPU Load.

Here's an example to collect the MySQL_uptime graphs on MySQL_Master_6.47 and datawarehouse1:


define  page  {
    use_regex 0
    page_name MySQL Uptime

define graph {
    host_name       MySQL_Master_6.47,datawarehouse1
    service_desc    MySQL_uptime
    source          0

Access to, you'll see something like this:

enter image description here

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You'll have to write a custom script to collect and display all the pnp4nagios graphs for all servers. It isn't part of the default functionality (because that would be a huge number of graphs on any reasonably sized setup).

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