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NOTE: This post is tagged ASP.NET but really that's just one of the language (families) in which I could write it. I really need assistance with configuring IIS (7.5).

I have found many scripts and ideas to effect this but I require that it's not a "drop-in" replacement, as in it must work globally for any possibly directory from one codebase. The one I'm working with:

Here is what my server pumps out when I try to go anywhere (after putting web.config in the main directory):


I've tried registering all the DLLs, etc. to no avail. I didn't build anything and it's all stored in C:\server\www\etc\aspdirlist\. Here is a snapshot of my application pool:

Here is the web.config file just for reference:

  <!-- ShellIconHandler configuration section declaration -->
    <section name="iconHandler" type="Mvolo.ShellIcons.Web.ShellIconHandlerConfigurationSection" />
    <section name="directoryListing" type="Mvolo.DirectoryListing.DirectoryListingModuleConfigurationSection" />

      <remove name="DirectoryListingModule" />
      <add name="DirectoryListingModule" type="Mvolo.DirectoryListing.DirectoryListingModule" />

      <remove name="StaticFile" />
      <add name="StaticFile" path="*" verb="*" modules="StaticFileModule,DefaultDocumentModule" resourceType="Either" requireAccess="Read" />
      <add name="iconhandler" path="geticon.axd" verb="GET" type="Mvolo.ShellIcons.Web.ShellIconHandler" />

    <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />

      <add path="geticon.axd" verb="GET" type="Mvolo.ShellIcons.Web.ShellIconHandler" />
      <add name="DirectoryListingModule" type="Mvolo.DirectoryListing.DirectoryListingModule" />


enabled: whether or not the directory listing is enabled.  
  If its not, 403 Access Denied is returned
templatePage: the template page that should be used to 
  display the directory listing


  <directoryListing enabled="true" templatePage="~/dirlisting.aspx" />


  Icon Handler
  Retrieves the shell icon for the specified file name.

    enabled: whether or not the icon handler is enabled (true by default)
    enableClientCaching: whether client caching of the icons should be allowed (true by default)
    enableServerCaching: whether the server should cache the icon bitmaps (true by default)
    alwaysUseExtension: whether the handler should always look up the icon by extension 
      and not try to use the full file name (false by default)


  <iconHandler enabled="true" 
               enableServerCaching="true" />


I do not have any security of which I know configured. Thanks.

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It might be a good idea to edit this post to ask for help with the first link you provided. If that's what you want... why doesn't it work? – Brent Pabst Jul 10 '12 at 20:24
Can you walk through the exact steps you took to install this module (did you build it from source?), where you put it on the file-system and also tell us how you've configured your site security and application pool? Without this we're going to be pulling at straws. – Kev Jul 11 '12 at 3:07
@Kev See my update – Gabriel Ryan Nahmias Jul 13 '12 at 14:06

It is a .NET assembly, not a COM DLL so you don't need to register it.

What you've got is a pretty generic "I can't load the DLL" error. It could fail to load for a number of reasons. Most likely place to start is the web process can't access where you've stored the DLL. I'd double check that first. I'd also take a gander at the event log, that might have a key detail or two.

If that doesn't help, you can turn on FREB which will probably help you pinpoint the issue.

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I appreciate your input and will look into the issue per your advice. – Gabriel Ryan Nahmias Jul 11 '12 at 5:12

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