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I'm getting a large number of undefined references when using


I have added the "zend_extension="/bla/"" to the conf for apache and it is giving me a config test failed because it cannot find the file. The file has been chown'd to www-data, so I do not believe it is a permissions error. I have run the wizard at to make sure the version would be correct, I updated to the version it recommended with an install from source and still receive the same error with apache and same output from $ld. I originally installed xdebug with:

$apt-get install php5-xdebug

And have also tried with:

$pecl install xdebug
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The problem is a combination of forgetfulness, stupidity and some actual errors. When I originally installed it the zend_extension was set in the php.ino. After this didn't work I tried in in the apache configuration (which is not where this goes). After the correct version was installed the extension enabler was still in apache rather than php.

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