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I have a Gateway E-9525R 2U, and I am looking to replace the raid card (an LSI 8308ELP)

What I need (in order of necessity) is

  • Vsphere Esx 5 compatibility

  • Dual SFF-8087 (as it has a 6x backplane)

  • 3tb+ support

  • sata 6gps (optional)

I am very new to the server realm, (student, that just bought the box off eBay for $99, experimenting with Vsphere) so any recommendations would be appreciated.


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Not sure about the dual SFF-8087, but have you checked out the recent Adaptec cards?

My desktop (OK, workstation) runs with an Adaptec 5405E. I'm using SATA 6GB/s not SAS, but I see that the 5405 does actually have one SFF-8087 connector only. That's too bad. Look:

Funny thing; both my dedicated server and my desktop are using this same card. If Adaptec doesn't offer a comparable card with two or more SFF-8087 connectors, then I'd fall over stunned.

Apparently their current flagship product is the 6805: It claims SAS 2.0 support. Very nice.

The Series 6 wasn't out when I bought my card, so I can't provide an honest customer review. But I have a very high praise overall for both Series 4 and Series 5 Adaptec hardware RAID cards from the perspective of someone who builds insanely high-spec workstations in a desktop form factor. Even without server-grade airflow, these things never overheat on me.

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Thanks, the 6805 looks like a good fit. – yougotborked Jul 11 '12 at 15:27

Take a look at the VMware Compatibility Guide. The IO Devices category will tell you what brands, makes and models of cards are compatible.

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