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I'm beginning to understand the Exchange 2010 Retention Policies, and have assigned the 'Default Archive and Retention Policy' to all mailboxes. The users are quite capable of managing their own mailbox quotas, so I don't automatically delete mail from the Inbox, but I do expire Deleted Items and junkmail after a few weeks. I've also enabled the default Personal Tags, so users can apply them to custom folders and items.

This works fine for regular users, but I have some shared mailboxes that collect errorlogs and testing emails. I'd like for those mailboxes to delete all mail in all folders after 6 months. While I, as an admin, could create a custom Retention Policy and apply it to those mailboxes, I wonder why the Exchange admin has to do this. It appears to be impossible to set a Personal Tag on the Inbox, via Outlook or OWA.

Is there no way to allow the mailbox user to apply a Personal Tag directly to the Inbox, just like they can with subfolders? Does this have to be an admin action?

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