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Best Windows remote support / screen sharing tools?

My company uses Webex to do remote session debugging with end-users, and for internal demos and collaboration sessions. Because of the fees involved with each session, I'm curious if there is any other software available to facilitate this. I held out hope that VNC would offer some capabilities in this regard, but I need something between "share with one person" and "share with the world" functionality.

[edit regarding duplicate] I should requalify - I'm currently using WebEx, so I'm not particularly interested in for pay utilities. I'm more interested in open source utilies, particularly the use-case where I'm trying to get three internal but widely-separated developers working on the same host.

From what I've seen of the state of the VNC world, this isn't really possible, or am I missing something?

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We use two different tools.

Gotomeeting is perfect for doing demos - presenting to multiple users simultaneous. It can be set to share a whole desktop, or share individual windows. It can record your demo sessions for later presentations (including voice).

You can also change presenters mid-way through, and give control of your applications to other users.

It also works perfectly (as user and presenter) through https proxy

However, for product support, we use logmein rescue. With this you can issue users with a six digit pin and they just visit a simple web page and get given a custom client which connects you straight to them. You can also leave a calling card with the user, which is an application which just initiates the connection

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+1 for Logmein. We've been using it here as well. Their product line ranges offers free and pro accounts. The paid versions do relay useful information but the free version works great for basic remote control support. –  3dinfluence Jul 14 '09 at 20:43

Check out Crossloop. I use it for remote support when our folks aren't in the office and it works great. You can both see the same screen, just like webex.


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Look at GotoAssist and GotoMeeting. They are both great products, and while still require an annual contract, I think they are less expensive that Webex.

http://gotoassist.com http://gotomeeting.com

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While Crossloop offers an alternative for the remote support aspect, I would suggest using Adobe ConnectNow which offers a web meeting option as well as the ability to take control of remote users for tech support.

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We also use WebEx and use their SupportCenter which works nicely. I think you pay a monthly fee for that and don't pay per session?

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Maybe try DimDim? They have free hosted version with a 20 user cap or you can download the code and run your own server.

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