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I have created an ubuntu image in windows azure vm. I am trying to open port 7171 to the outside world. how can I do it?

I have tried issue the iptables command but it did not work, not sure if I did not use it correctly or there is azure level setting to set?

EDIT: maybe it is opened only on localhost and not to the world? how can I verify that?

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can you give us the output of iptables-save? – Zypher Jul 11 '12 at 18:32
the output is empty. tried to redirect output with > but still empty – Yaron Naveh Jul 11 '12 at 18:39
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You'll need to add it as an endpoint instead. From the Windows Azure preview portal, select Virtual Machines -> Your virtual machine. Then click the endpoints tab and finally New. You can see there that only SSH port is open by default.

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How can do this in New Portal, – mesut Jan 23 at 13:12

Using Azure's new portal:

  1. Open your VM.
  2. Go to Network interfaces in the Settings window
  3. Click on your network interface
  4. In the network interface window, there is a "Network security group" section
  5. In the network security group's settings click on "Inbound security rules"
  6. Add a new rule

I'm not sure if there is a shorter way of getting there.. Next time I'll make sure to set up my ports when creating a VM.

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