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I was in need to install Tomcat server so decided to install tomcat on windows first but couldn't find and installer exe in tomcat's site instead of many references (on web) how to download and install using installer exe file. installer exe file is available in many places except tomcat's official site. A file - tomcat6.exe comes with tomcat .zip file for windows (that is in /bin dir).

I would like to know why there is no installer exe file available in tomcat's official site in spite of all the references which point to tomcat's official site but there is no such as file. Regards ...

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Have a look here:

There is a 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer. Installers can come with different extensions than .exe :)

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Thanks for the response but that is the point I'm trying to mention. Many refer to the tomcat download page as the link of yours does but there is no apache-tomcat-nn-mm.exe in the tocat download page. If windows service installer comes with different extension apart from exe then please let me ask you a favour; could you send me the link of any windows service installer. I downloaded a .zip file of tomcat and there was a file name tomcat6.exe but the file refused to run. Apache community seems obliged us in various way so I, perhaps dared not ask them why there was no installer exe file. – Bishnu Jul 12 '12 at 11:37

Open zip file, read documentation.


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