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What is the best way to add a menu item to Vista's explorer to start a command prompt in the current directory?

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Shift-Right click on the folder and click on Open Command Window Here.

alt text

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That doesn't work on my Vista install. – gambit Jul 14 '09 at 21:00
Weird...what version of Vista is it? You are clicking on the folder once, then holding down shift and right-clicking? – Adam Brand Jul 14 '09 at 21:02
Note that this only works for folders in the right hand pane of explorer. It also works on network shares, in which case it will map a drive letter temporarily for you. – Adam Brand Jul 14 '09 at 21:07
Works for me (Vista Enterprise) – Izzy Jul 14 '09 at 21:17
That is it. I was right clicking in the left pane's tree. It works when I shift right click the folders int he left pane. Thanks! – gambit Jul 19 '09 at 22:27

Shift+right-click as AdamB pointed out.

If you have UAC enabled and you'd like to have an additional context menu item to open an elevated command (or PowerShell) prompt, see this article.

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