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I've got a +900GB sparsebundle on one HDD that I'm trying to transfer to a NAS. Since the sparsebundle is essentially a folder, I've been using rsync but it's so damn slow! What's the fastest way to move it off that hard drive and on to the NAS?

Or is there a way to tell rsync to resume from a certain point, e.g.: don't bother start from band/0, start from band/x?

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If you're running rsync with the -t or -a options it should figure out which files on the destination are up to date based on the timestamps. – mgorven Jul 13 '12 at 4:09
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Ok so I had another go and wrote a shell script. I figured that if I queried the destination folder to see what the last file was then I can run a loop and pick off from where I left off:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
last=$(ls /destination/folder | tail -1)

for file in /source/folder/*

    if [ $matched = true ]; then
        cp -Rv "$file" /destination/folder/
        if [ $name = $last ]; then

Yep I know I should declare some more vars for the source and destination, but it works and it's not bad for 2mins work!

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