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My administration space is accessible via a specific port (4848) and I want to block this port to increse security .

I have already disabled remote access to my database too and acces it via ssh tunnel .

Is it possible to make the same thing for my http server administration space ?


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If you can configure your admin web page to be accessible only from localhost, you can just set up basic port forwarding:

ssh -L 4848: 

from your client and access it on your browser via http(s)://localhost:4848

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I tried it. It workd and when I look to the log I see that my the server connect to itslef using his external ip not localhost . Can I change this behaviour because I'm blocking all external trafic to the port and this can be a problem if pirate use ip spoof to connect ? – isoman Jul 12 '12 at 11:22

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