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I've installed chef , which uses couchdb. It worked fine until i've secured couchdb by creating an admin user in couchdb giving and setting require_valid_user = true in default.ini as written here:

Now i get a 401 Network error: Connection refused, most probably because of the newly created user.

Any idea where i can set the new admin username /password for chef to access the couchdb?

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Oldie but goodie, answering for completeness sake, as it's still a valid question.

When specifying a user/pass in the couchdb config, you mush now provide those credentials to Chef Server, in the form of changing the couchdb_url parameter in the server's config file /etc/chef/server.rb, as per the source here.

This may look like:

couchdb_url "http://<username>:<password>@localhost:5984"

You must restart the Server services for this to take effect.

NOTE: Chef 11 has since been released, and CouchDB is no longer used in this version.

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