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After renaming the domain on windows 2008, I cannot join the clients to server. The previous domain was "" and the new one is "". I renamed the domain using rendom.exe and the domain renamed correctly. Then I created a DNS zone for the new domain but the problem is every time i attempt to join new clients the following error occurs: "The network path was not found" What's the problem? There's zone named "" in Forward Lookup Zone and i suspicious about it. How can I change it to ""? Is this problem related to a bad DNS configuration? How can i configure the DNS to resolve this problem? I'm a newbie and don't understands these issues so please help and give me a step by step solution. Any help is appreciated.

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Did you follow all of the items on the checklist for renaming a 2008 domain? Specifically, running the operation from a member server, not a DC?

You should also have prepared the DNS zone before the rename operation. Did you do this, or did you just go ahead and run rendom without the prep work?

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Thank you for your reply Chris McKeown. I run rendom from server computer but there was not any problem during the operatinos. After renamin domain I created a zone for new domain too. I'm afraid of "" zone. should i change it to ""? is this the problem? – shokri Jul 13 '12 at 8:49
You should have prepared the domain before you ran rendom - as per the checklists in the links I provided. To be honest I'm not sure how you'd recover from the situation you're now in. – Chris McKeown Jul 13 '12 at 9:18

IS "full computer name" of the dc server correct? if not edit it manually, to do that, open system properties, computer name tab, change button, more button, and change "primary DNS suffix of this computer".

regards, Mona

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